DJ Mighty Moves x Ed Sheeran - Sing (B-boy Remix)

DJ Mighty Moves x Ed Sheeran – Sing (B-boy Remix)

Here’s a new one for you!
My b-boy remix of Ed Sheeran’s new song “Sing”! Free Download here:

Sing (Mighty Moves B-boy Remix) by Mightymoves on Mixcloud

As soon as I heard this song, I knew that it could be flipped into a dope b-boy track. It’s gotten a lot of play on the radio recently, and is a great song by itself.

It already had some funky guitar stabs and some soul in it, but I felt it was missing some hard drums. I sampled and reworked the guitar hits, created some percussion, and reworked the vocal sections to give it a nice ride throughout the whole track.

This is b-boy battle and cypher tested and ready for making dancers get funky! Enjoy!

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